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My time at BSides…

This is my second time in a row attending BSides Canberra and it was a bigger and better than last year. The UTS:CSEC family almost doubled in size at besides and it was a blast with them, unlike the Thursday’s night hail storm that blasted dents into my car. Everyone was excited to join the long lines to grab free the merch and awesome nokia badge with the custom firmware that had Snake and Tetris. Out of all the talks 2 stood out to me: ransom coffee and linux talk. They were great presenters that grab my full sleep deprived attention to listen and laugh for almost a hour long. It was to meet new people and see familiar faces as we are a very small niche community in Australia. I hope I get to see you all again at the next conference whether it maybe the next BSides Canberra, KiwiCon or the new rumoured BSides Sydney, our hometown.

UTS:CSEC Family Feat. Eugene Fedorchenko