Soldier 76 - Face Mask



  • Glasses
  • Dusk Mask


  • Hobby Knife/Scalper
  • 3D Printer
  • Sandpaper (120,240,400,600,800,1200)i
  • SCA Primer Filler/Rusteleom Gray Primer
  • SCA Car Filler
  • Putty Filler


Since its my first time printing I thought it would be a good idea focusing on printing the part and putting it together rather than modeling it. I am quite confident in CAD models used for industrial use however unfamiliar with models with complex curves modeled in softwares such as blender.

I wanted to have a quick turn over time custom made for myself. As 3d printing is the most time consuming part of this process I wanted to get a good printer that prints reliabily. Luckily, ALDI had a promotion and was selling arcade machines along with 3D printers and filament. I snagged up 1 printer and a blue 1kg filament roll.

Set up was quite easy as everything was already assembled. The only i need to do was to in the filament and that was pretty straight forward. The 3D models found on the given SD card printed quite well except for the rafts being too thick causing the raft to shrink around the edges and warping the model. As the models were in its export form, gcode, I could change the setting besides finding the file on the internet. After messing around with various model slifunds found on wbsites like thingyverse, I was able to finally get the right settings for my printer. my rprinter didnt have to luxury of dual extruders or heated build plate so I ha to conprimse

To be continued…